What does it take for a mother to have her son or daughter pick up a role in the military?

I never thought about it until I was asked to write this article and share my thoughts on the same. My son taking up a role in the military was not a surprise. I always knew that he would, even before he was born. Army always fascinated me, and I always wanted to get married […]

WOW, Bangalore’s ‘Pad-Women’ are ‘leaning-in’ and how!

Reports say in India, 24% teenagers are forced to skip their schools owing to menstruation. It is a hard reality that out of the 335 menstruating women in India, only 12% use Sanitary Napkins. The others are forced to use clothes, newspapers, ashes and husk sand; since the sanitary napkin is considered as a luxury. […]

Five Girl Boss rules my Mom taught me!

Coming from a humble middle class Indian family and being a 25-year-old, Author, Chartered Accountant, Podcaster, Life coach and Entrepreneur, is a big deal and when people ask me how did I do it? I have only one answer! My Parents! My mom who has always bestowed upon me the habits, principles and mindset that […]


“If fighting for equal pay and paid family leave is playing the gender card, then deal me in!” ~ Hillary Clinton Emancipation movements across the globe have opened the doors of schools, employers and boardrooms to women. Yet in India, despite the relatively lower male-female sex ratios, women continue to face gender discrimination when it […]
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