There are three ways you can engage with the Lean In India Community.


1. You can join any of our current circles or start a new circle .

Lean In Circles are small groups of peers who meet regularly to learn and grow together. We know there is real power in this kind of support: research shows we are able to learn and accomplish more in groups.

Today there are more than 85 Circles with over 3500  members.  Circles meet everywhere from living rooms to company cafeterias—and they are spreading from city to city and country to country by word of mouth. The best part is, they work: 85 percent of members attribute a positive change in their lives to their Circle. Women are asking for more, stepping outside their comfort zones, and leaning in.

To check out the entire list of our circles or to lead one, check out this link - https://leanin.org/circles-network/lean-in-india#!


2. You can partner with us for a campaign or an event . To partner with us simply write an email at rashmeet@leaninindia.com


3. We are a community run completely by volunteers. We welcome men and women of all age groups to contribute to the cause and volunteer with us. To take it forward, feel free to reach us out at rashmeet@leaninindia.com

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