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Team Panthera, Asia’s First All-Women ..

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Team Panthera, the official Supermileage team of Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women, Delhi, ...

One Action: Towards women's dreams and ..

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As a teenager, Sanya Khurana had very low self-esteem and was disgusted at not being 'fit' enough for the world..

FIGHTER IN YOU! Power of Negotiation..

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Jyoti Shekar - A fresh wave of women empowerment started in the corporate world when Sheryl Sandberg..

Breaking barriers and building cars: How ..

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The Mechanical Engineering Lean In Circle is a group of students at Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University ...

Lean In India Corporate Network and JobsForHer..

Skill Development has been at the core of Lean In, in India. Lean In India Corporate Network focuses on helping men  ...

Co-Founder Of Lean In India, Rashmeet, Remembers ..

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A small council at a college in Delhi meant to empower female students went on to contribute to a global mission...

Hours Before The ..

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In 2013, Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer, along with Nell Scovell published a book Lean In: Women...

Social Samosa ..


Lean In India: Mumbai Summit 2017 Partners with CogMat for Digital Outreach...

Rashmeet Kaur ..


A Mechanical and Automation Engineer , Blogger and Author of 'Diary of A Young Blogger', Rashmeet Kaur is the ...

Soft Skill Workshop with Lean In ..

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A Soft Skills Workshop was organized in collaboration with ‘Lean In India’ under Community..

Soft Skill Workshop with Lean In ..

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A Soft Skills Workshop was organized in collaboration with ‘Lean In India’ under Community..

Programming became my..


My father showed me how to use computers at a very young age. In fact, I started typing on a computer at the age..

Sanya Khurana finds Adobe..


As a teenager, Sanya Khurana found herself in an impossible position. She loved math, science and technology—and especially coding..

Only a dead fish go with the flow | Sanya Khurana..

Sanya is a Software Developer at Adobe Systems, and the Founder of a Lean In India...

Lean In India - Introducing our founder..


Introducing our founder two !
Rashmeet Kaur

Everything in life is inspired from ..

How India is Leaning In..


You know those days at work when it feels you're going all Paula Abdul (two steps.....) It can be a lonely...

IEEE Delhi Section Student Congress..


Rashmeet Kaur, Co-founder of Lean in India and executive at Honda Cars Limited is an alumni of IGDTUW, New Delhi.

Women Entrepreneurs

Rashmeet Kaur says if we (the women entrepreneurs) are passionate enough than no amount of inequality can stop us..

Rashmeet Kaur - Mechanical..


“I am a mechanical engineer and I build super-mileage cars. I now work with Honda Cars India Limited....

This 23-Year-Old is Empowering..


Rashmeet Kaur started a Lean In circle under Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women (IGDTUW)...

Breaking the Glass Ceiling..


In my 14 years of association with the corporate world, there have been numerous experiences...

The Lean In momentum..


This was right after my move from US when I had joined a start-up and was trying to adapt to culture in this new India.  My excitement....

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