My Career Break Story by Janaki Srinivasan

I was working as an editor at SAGE Publications in New Delhi and then moved on to Pearson Education as Project Manager, while pursuing my M.Phil in JNU, New Delhi. Post wedding, I shifted to Chennai and after a brief break (a new place, so it took a couple of months to settle down), joined Elsevier, a reputed medical publisher as Project Manager. I got promoted as Senior Project Manager and after about a year, I had to quit because my son was born and I had no support in the family to take care of the baby. At the time my son was born, everyone, including me was against leaving my son with a maid or in a daycare. So, I took a career break in early 2012. I am yet to get back to full time work.
In early 2016, I started freelancing from home as a content writer, because I wanted to do something productive so that it would add up to my experience when I get back to work. At this stage, I want to get back to a job, but find something that is flexible in terms of work. It can either be coming into office on certain days of the week or all days but for limited hours,like 9 to 2. I can pitch in for the rest of the work from home. But no company seem to be offering this kind of an opportunity. Most of the companies that offer flexible work options are in the IT sector and not in other sectors. So, I am not able to find anything suitable to my needs.
I am currently looking for jobs in content writing, content management, and editing or proofreading. Work from home is not suitable in the long run, because the payment is pathetic and not worth the number of hours you put in.
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