Passion is your biggest motivator – Career Break Story of Ridhima

I was brought up in a household with a lot of emphasis on quality education. I pushed myself at all levels to do better at academics. After my graduation in English Literature from Jesus and Mary College, a prestigious college of Delhi University, I pursued Masters in Advertising and Marketing Management from Amity University. I interned with Leo Burnett, an ad agency in the client servicing department. After finishing my course I got placed at Google.
I was the first girl in my family who had stepped in the corporate sector. I joined the online advertising department at Google Inc. My first job will always be close to my heart. My performance led me to get many accolades for my work. I was chosen as the ambassador of Google, India to Google, Mountain View, USA. I received a platinum award for the project I had taken in Google, MTV. I started and led support teams for new Google products in India.
Eventually, I decided to get married. I found the love of my life in my hometown, Ludhiana in Punjab. I boldly quit my job for my home and other responsibilities and I was blessed with two baby girls. My maximum time was spent on my children.
I got selected on the Parents board of my daughter’s school. I got exposure to the functioning of the school and became the link between the teachers, parents and the management of the school. In those two years, I took workshops in creative writing, managed and organized various events at the school. Meanwhile, I was pregnant with my third child; my family of four became a big family of five as we welcomed our baby boy. During the ninth month of my pregnancy, I even gave a short speech at the school.
My term as the board member of the school, I realized that critical thinking and reasoning among students is the essence of our education system. I launched the TED-Ed Clubs; a school program started by NGO in America called TED. I solely managed and delivered the course effectively.
TED-Ed Clubs is a volunteer program and I learnt immensely from it. The best part about volunteer roles is that your passion is the biggest motivation. I enhanced my teaching and mentoring skills. I used computers for professional work after a long time. I learnt new methods of working in the current scenario. I interacted with TED-Ed Club Leaders around the world through Facebook groups and learnt to use many online resources.
I recently got involved with Lean In, India. I am looking for work from home opportunities in content and social media strategies. This group of enthusiastic women believes in bringing out best in each one and it feels wonderful to be a part of this organization.
My advice to women on a career break is that our key to success is constantly learning new ways to implement our skills. Whatever be your stage in life, you must concentrate on learning new things. It would be easier to get back to work if you keep taking small projects or assignment while taking a break in your career. Make time to do things you have always wanted to do. Diversify your work experiences.
Treat this time as an ‘idea incubator’ and who knows you may do wonders.
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