A new beginning – My career break

After I completed my computer engineering in 2009, I worked with Saudi Media Systems & Skyband in Riyadh, KSA for 3 years as a Project and Billing Engineer. My first career break was post marriage for a period of four months. I then worked with Allianz Technology as a senior project manager Officer for 2.5 years. I loved my job and was enjoying every bit of it until motherhood came in 2015. The maternity leave, which officially had to end after 3 months, did not end for me. I decided to take up full-time motherhood as I felt my child was too small to be left only under the supervision of a maid. Motherhood is beautiful! It brought laughter, smiles, hugs, and to have such tiny hands in mine, gives me so much love and happiness. But there are times when loneliness, frustration, and depression creeps in. It is not easy being confined to the four walls of the house doing chores, feeding and taking care of the kid 24/7 while being deprived of sleep. I knew if I had to ever find contentment and joy in my mothering journey, I had to find a “me time activity” and it wasn’t going to be easy.

With the help of social media, and groups like Lean In, Sheroes, Jobs4her, and many other platforms which lend support for women, I started to get motivated to work towards finding my true calling. Hearing inspiring stories from women entrepreneurs all over the world let me believe that “If they can do it, so can I!”
As my kid turned a year old, with the support of my family and considering the limitations of a stay at home mother, the crafty and creative side in me started to organize parties which eventually led to the formation of a small event management company called Bandkraft. It was a new learning experience. Every day I learned new things from managing resources, to timely delivery, to revenue management. The most fulfilling feeling is seeing the happiness on our customer’s face and it makes our day!
I knew I had to create a website for the company for further social media propagation. I decided to create the website on my own. I took up a course on Udemy and learnt building a website from scratch. The process of gaining knowledge at every step of my entrepreneurial journey itself boosted my confidence.
The best thing that happened to me was being associated with Lean in. I joined as a Website blog manager in April 2017. It helped me connect and work with many inspirational women, build my confidence and gave me new wings! I always thought that writing was not my cup of tea. But thanks to my friend and mentor Manishree for leaning in by guiding me and making me believe that “Nothing is impossible and never assume you don’t have abilities within you! You can tackle your fears and you can achieve anything you set your mind and heart to”. Her inspiration and support helped me overcome my fear for writing. I was able to achieve another milestone!
I believe that my career break gave me a chance to discover my passion and learn many new things, and I am still learning! I hope to learn baking yummy treats next and have many more things on the list.
My child has turned 2 now. I am currently looking for part time or work from home jobs in the field of project management. I would also take any opportunity to expand my knowledge in the field of writing. I hope to find a full time job that helps me use my skills to its fullest potential by the end of 2018, when my child no longer requires constant attention.
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