Lean In India – Mumbai Summit’17 Speaker: Avani Parekh

Avani Parekh is a serial social entrepreneur, socent consultant and Founder of LoveDoctor.in, which focuses on bringing real-time sexual and healthy relationship counseling to the masses in India.
Avani is the Director of Empathy at Sheroes- Largest #TakeCharge network for women crafting their growth story. Avani is a Social enterprise freak with a heart of gold. A Counselor, big picture thinker and excellent at helping you connect to your bigger purpose.
She is also the Founder of Open Heart Tribe- a community of people working to live in love and not fear. Avani’s goal is to connect with other social entrepreneurs so that we can MAKE OUR IDEAS BETTER through sharing and collaboration.
If you meet her she is fairly likely to ask you,’’What makes your heart sing?” She believes all businesses can make the world better – how can we hack this together?
The common link between all of her ventures, if you hadn’t noticed already, is the need for human touch, which certainly never fails to draw people in. She loves to connect with people and she is always up for collaborations as she believes that its only when you work together, can you give form to them and that sharing and collaboration help with the execution of those ideas.

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