Learnings that continue for life – MentorHer story by Rashmeet Kaur

I remember feeling scared while joining my department Purchasing in Honda Cars India Limited . Being my first job, I was skeptical of being useful to the organisation , besides feeling lost all together in a completely new framework. The very next day to the orientation of the department, I was called by Mr. Rajiv Mahajan , who would become my first boss ever . Who knew he would mentor me and change my perspective on life forever. From that very first conversation where he dedicated the entire time getting to know me, my skills, my interests and my passion to sitting together and discussing ideas, we have come a long way. As an unsaid mentor , he makes sure till date that my learning is not compromised in the process of giving results . He hears me out when needed and makes me write down my exact feelings towards my work, to avoid any second or negative thoughts. His people and process oriented approach towards work has given a lot of foundational strengthening to my concepts and working style. The best part about his leadership is being strict in the right amount and maintaining distance enough to ensure my comfort and input in the work. I will always remember what he says – “ Do not come to me with problems . Come to me with your solutions to the problem you are facing . We will brainstorm on it together. “ These learnings that continue till date are giving the much needed direction to my early career and I can’t be thankful enough to him for his presence and excellent leadership. I wish every young girl out there is lucky enough to find a mentor like ‘ Mahajan San’in their early careers to succeed.

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