#MentorHer story by Santwona Patnaik

“Featured in the picture, is my first mentor in my professional life – Satya Roy.
Right from helping me grasp the basics of the project we worked in, to guiding me through each and every intricate detail of PL/SQL technology – he helped setup a very strong foundation in the initial years of my professional career. His tips and advices always worked wonders for me. For a new-comer with a curious mind (with trivial doubts, at times), I could have never asked for a more patient mentor than him. Most importantly, his unbiased feedback/suggestions helped me grow rock-solid strong in my field of work. Needless to say, he commands immense respect from all his colleagues.
Undoubtedly, my admiration for him made me get to know him personally as well and I fell in love with this man. Whenever I’m low and looking for a direction, I have this wall of support to guide me through the tides of life. Yes, he is my husband now and my mentor for life!”

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